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Answers in Genesis is one of the premier organizations when it comes to outstanding resources in the area of Genesis ministries. Covering a broad range of categories, from a speakers bureau, to a well-stocked “store,” to a dynamic web page, to its on-line courses, to the Creation Museum itself, AiG is a resource tool that is a must in any student’s learning toolkit.

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The Institute for Creation Research

The Institute for Creation Research is one of the key research institutions in the creation movement.  Started by Dr. Henry Morris in the early 1970’s, ICR offers the student a number of resources of a more technical nature.  Of greatest current interest are its defining ongoing research projects:  GENE (Genomics research), FAST (Flood Actuated Sedimentation and Tectonics – cataclysmic geology), EPIPHANY (Numerical simulations of catastrophic events), RATE (Radioisotopes and the Age of The Earth) RATE II (Geochemical studies dealing with the concept of accelerated decay), CLIMATE (Radical paleoelinates of the Flood and after), COSMOS (Theoretical studies in relativity and quantum mechanics applied to the history of the cosmos using Biblical boundary conditions to resolve apparent paradoxes), and COLUMN (Flood stratigraphy).

The Institute for Creation Research also hosts seminars at local churches, home school groups, and Christian and secular high schools (contact events).  Recently they’ve launched their new Science Education Essentials Creation-based supplementary curriculum materials for grades k-12.

Acts & Facts (Monthly Publication)
That’s A Fact (2-minute video clips)
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Professional Certificate Program (The Creationist Worldview – Online)
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National Creation Science Foundation

Flood-Activated Sedimentation and Tectonics (FAST) project
A Tectonic Origin for the Kingston Peak Formation
Meteorite Analysis Begins
The Coconino Sandstone: A Flood or a Desert?

A Flood of Influence: The Impact of Henry Morris and The Genesis Flood in Modern History
Evidence for Creation
Global Flood, Global Impact: The Legacy of The Genesis Flood
Reflections on a Legacy: Four Decades of Creation Ministry
The Creation Movement’s Firm Foundation

Creation Ministries International

Creation Ministries International is a group of Genesis-based ministries located in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States.  Originally formed as a creationist organization in Australia in 1977, the work has grown into a world-wide network.  Recognized for its broad-ranging Speakers Bureau as well as for its popular Creation magazine, it also has long published the world’s leading peer-reviewed creationist research and review journal, Journal of Creation.

Creation Magazine Archive
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Creation Science

Dr. Walt Brown is the author of In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood, a must addition to the library of every student of Genesis. Although a hard copy of this work can be ordered (recommended), the entire online edition can be viewed at this site. Dr. Brown’s Hydro-plate theory of the Genesis Flood is one of the most compelling and comprehensive explanations of this event available today.

The Hydroplate Theory: An Overview
The Biblical Flood Explained (video)
The Origin of the Grand Canyon
The Origin of Ocean Trenches and the Ring of Fire

Northwest Creation Network

Northwest Creation Network is an excellent creation research and resource site.  Of particular note are the Power Point and down-loadable presentations they offer on a number of related topics.


Creationist Organizations
– Directory –

4th Day Alliance

Alpha and Omega Institute

Bible-Science Association (California)

Biblical Creation Ministries

Canyon Ministries (Grand Canyon)

Center for Origins Research (Bryan College)

Christians in Science


A Question of Origins (On-line course of study)
Creation Super Library
Kid Explorers

Colleges and Universities that Teach a Literal Genesis

Young people and parents frequently inquire about schools that teach the Bible in a literal fashion. In that regard, the following resources are helpful:

A Christian Parent’s Guide to Colleges
Creationist Colleges (a scaled list)
Colleges & Universities that Believe or Teach Biblical Creation
Colleges and Seminaries Who Teach a Literal Genesis
Evangelical Colleges Paid to Teach Evolution (Templeton Foundation)

Creation Articles

Creation Biology Society

Creation Books

Creation Science Books List
Creation Books Online (complete texts / partial list) –

In the Minds of Men (Taylor)
Creation’s Tiny Mystery (Gentry)
It’s A Young World After All (Ackerman)
Darwin’s Enigma (Sunderland)
Antiquities of the Jews (Flavius Josephus)
The Biblical Flood and the Ice Epoch (Patten)
After the Flood (Cooper)
Christianity and Science (Peabody)
In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood (Brown)
The Annals of the World (Bishop James Ussher, 1658 text online)
In Six Days: Why 50 Scientists Choose to Believe in Creation (J.F. Ashton, ed)

Creation vs. Evolution: Interpreting the Evidence
Creation Book Survey

Creation-Evolution Headlines

Creation Explanation, The

Creation Moments

Creation Research

Ask John MacKay
Evidence Web

Creation Research Society

Creation Matters
CRS Quarterly

Creation Science

Creation Science Fellowship of Calvary Chapel

Creation Scientists (and additional biographies of interest)


* List of Scientists Accepting Biblical Account of Creation

Carson, Benjamin (Pediatric Neurosurgeon)
Chain, Ernst (Antibiotics Pioneer)
Davidheiser, Bolton (Zoology/Genetics)
Lisle, Jason (Astrophysics)
Morris, Henry (Geologist, founder, Institute for Creation Research)
Oard, Michael J. (Meteorologist)
von Braun, Wernher (Rocket Scientist – from “Christians in Space”)
Sir Ambrose Fleming: Father of Modern Electronics

In Six Days: Why 50 Scientists Choose to Believe in Creation
(21 of 50 scientists/authors listed with area of specialty)

Jeremy L. Walter (Mechanical Engineering)
Jerry R. Bergman (Biology)
Jonathan D. Sarfarti (Physical Chemistry)
Ariel A. Roth (Biology)
Darwin L. Ford (Organic Chemistry)
Andrew McIntosh (Mathematics)
John P. Marcus (Biochemistry)
Nancy M. Darrall (Botany)
E. Theo Agard (Medical Physics)
John R. Baumbardner (Geophysics)
Arthur Jones (biology)
A.J. Monty White (Physical Chemistry)
Danny R. Faulkner (Astronomy)
Edmond W. Holroyd (Meterology)
Robert H. Eckel (Medical Research)
Jack Cuozzo (Orthodontics)
Andrew Snelling (Geology)
J. H. John Peet (Chemistry)
Stephen Taylor (Electrical Engineering)
George S. Hawke (Meteorology)
Werner Gitt (Information Science)

Creation Study Group (Library of web links)

Creation Super Library

Creation Today


CreationWiki is a free encyclopedia of apologetics by an international team of missionaries. Students of Creation are encouraged to use this ever-growing resource.  (Go to the main link above, or click on specific portal below.)


Design Science Association

Newsletters (Index: 2002 – 2009)

Discovery Institute

Cascadia Project (cutting-edge think-tank initiatives)
Faith + Evolution? (Questions)

Earth Science Associates

Forerunner, The

Genesis Forum Academy

GeoScience Research Institute

Affiliated with Loma Linda University, the Institute serves the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in two major ways: research and communication.  Be sure to visit their comprehensive resource page.

Koinonia House

Genesis Commentary (online audio download)
Study Center (online education)
Study Creation/Evolution
Stretching The Heavens

Logos Research Associates


Moody Bible Institute

Moody Video Series Catalog

Nature By Design

The motto of this organization is “No Child Left Indoors,” and a number of exciting programs are offered to help achieve that worthy and admirable educational goal.

Reasons for Faith Ministries

True Origin Archive

Who’s Who in Creation/Evolution