A brief description of each of the Library rooms

TOPICS is an extensive repository of articles and media that is organized under topic headings. Using the “Edit/Find” feature of your computer’s browser allows you to easily locate key items while working in the expansive Topics section of the Library. Or you can simply browse the alphabetical list for articles pertaining to a specific topic.

ONLINE LIBRARIES is an archive of other internet libraries that primarily provide creation-related resources.

GENESIS MINISTRIES provides a list of more than thirty biblical creation-oriented websites, many with sub-links to their various features and services.

IN THE NEWS endeavors to keep you up to date with items relevant to the Creation debate.

INTERNET BIBLE TOOLS supplies online Bibles along with a number of Bible study tools and enhancements to faith growth and development.

OPEN DIALOGUE is a feature allowing the Genesis Forum Academy Library Board to share thoughts and initiate dialogue around creation-related themes. Responses to these postings can be shared via email to the Academy’s site.

Additional Helps

SEARCHING: There are two methods for searching the Library itself, and beyond.  The first is the use of your browser’s “Edit / Find” feature located in the menu at the top of the screen.  This is an important resource when exploring the Library “Topics” page since an item you may be looking for could also be found in articles posted under several different topics.  For example, if entering “Flood” (for “Noah’s Flood”), items will be highlighted in areas other than under “Genesis Flood.”

The second method of searching in the Library is to use the Search box found at the top of each page.  This method employs a Google Custom Search which is limited to crawl only selected, highly-regarded Creationist sites.  This feature focuses and facilitates your search from the start, saving a considerable amount of time and energy.

BROWSERS: Although the Library is built on a universal platform, we have found that there can be some issues with individual browsers on particular computer configurations.  We have tried to accommodate these idiosyncrasies, but it seems that issues remain.  On our end we have found that the Library works well on Macintosh equipment and browsers, as well as on PC’s using Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.  Trying different browsers on your computer can usually solve any concerns (they are free downloads).  If you are experiencing particular and persistent problems with the Library on any of these systems we would appreciate hearing from you.

SURVEYS: We are interested to know how the Library is being used, and where.  Our motto is Creation Library Online: Anywhere; Anytime. Again, we would appreciate hearing from you.  Due to volume we may not be able to respond, but we’ll always read your emails.  Suggestions pertaining to adding items to the Library, as well as possible improvements are encouraged and appreciated.

CONTACT INFORMATION: You can contact us through our main website at Genesis Forum Academy.