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Creation Museum (free passes): For those living in the northern California region who are making plans to attend the Creation Museum near Cincinnati, Ohio, Genesis Forum Academy has four (4) free pass cards available.  If interested, email us through our contacts link.

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Did you know the geologic column is not set in stone and that the fossil record does not show a worldwide evolutionary trend (Geological Column)?  Read what pro-evolutionary scientists said about this seven years ago (Worldwide Record).

Censorship and Academic Freedom Threats Continue: The 2008 movie, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed highlighted a number of blatant violations of free speech and academic freedom.  Here is another recent example of this trend.

Geneva Switzerland: The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has hit a speed bump of sorts, and is now shut down until further notice.  The $10 billion, 17 mile-round, 300 foot underground particle accelerator near Geneva, Switzerland blew a fuse and operations ceased shortly after its trial run.  Once it is repaired sometime next Spring, the huge machine is designed to send protons flying in opposite directions at nearly the speed of light, then smash them together at 6,000 times a second, trying to determine why mass exists and whether the universe has extra dimensions.

Before the United States Congress scuttled the program in the 1990s, there was a government-funded plan to construct a similar Super-Collider somewhere in the country.  After realizing that the $6 billion investment was just the initial cost, that it would take more than 3 thousand employees to operate the mammoth facility, and that the machine would devour enough energy to power a large metropolis, panic ensued, and the project was eventually scrapped.